Friday, February 7, 2014

Beware of Tire Wear! (Part 3 of 3)

As we discussed in our previous two blog entries, tire wear can help show you any potential issues you may be facing with your tow vehicle or camper before they become obvious problems.  Most of the tire-wear patterns you want to be on the look out for are summarized in the chart below:

A few final things you should remember when it comes to tire inflation and wear:
  1. Tires should be inflated to the manufacturer recommended PSI (which can be found on the side wall of your tires).
  2. Tire pressure should be checked before use, when the tire is cold.  After use, the air inside warms up and the pressure may not be accurate when checked.
  3. Pressure should be checked weekly during operation.  This not only helps to maximize the life of your tires, but it is a good time to check them for wear as well.
  4. Tire inflation and wear should be checked frequently.  Once a wear pattern is set, it is extremely difficult to stop, even if the underlying cause is fixed.
Any questions regarding tire wear should be brought up to either a tire dealer/repair center or the tire manufacturer.  Warranty issues should go through the manufacturer.  Our service staff is also available to answer any questions you might have regarding tire wear!