Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top 5 Most Popular RV Parks on the East Coast

Top 5 Most Popular
RV Parks on the East Coast
Make some memories along the East Coast this summer!

1.     Mt. Desert Narrows: This beautiful campground is part of the Acadia National Park in Maine. It is a rustic themed camping environment with plenty of outdoor activities; such as: 50 miles of endless hiking trails, outdoor heated pool, group fire pits, picnic facilities, canoe and kayak rentals, and live entertainment!
Location: Bar Harbor, Maine
Phone Number: (207) 288-4782

2.   Rocky Knob Campground: This campground gives campers a “back-to-nature” experience! Rocky Knob is part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, National Park Service. Incredible scenic mountains; which are perfect for hiking four breathtaking trails. If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful place, Rocky Knob is the perfect place for your outdoor adventure!
          Location:  Floyd, Virginia
          Phone Number: (540) 745-9664

3.     Lakewood RV Campground: Wanting to go to the beach with your camper? Well, Lakewood offers you a family fun outdoor resort on Myrtle Beach! 700-foot lazy river, boat and kayak rentals, mini-golf, and so many more acitivies for you and your family to enjoy! This RV resort is the ideal place for a family looking for a week of fun on the beach!
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Phone Number: (843) 238-5161

4.   Fair Harbor RV Park and Campground: Planning a trip to Georgia? Fair Harbor is a quiet campground where you can relax in peace! This campground accommodates of all sizes! Bring your fishing rods, because Fair Harbor has a stocked, license-free fishing lake! A pet friendly campground with plenty of trails for walking trails for you and your fury friends!
          Location: Perry, Georgia
          Phone Number: (478) 988-8844
          Website: http://www.fairharborrvpark.com

5.   Boyd’s Key West RV Park: Can you say Camping in Paradise! Warm weather year round, offers a great camping experience for you and your family on the beach! This unique island campground provides campers with poolside Tiki Huts where they can enjoy free WiFi and a big-screen TV! Camp on the Key West in style!
          Location: Key West, Florida
          Phone Number: (305) 294-1465
          Website: http://www.boydscampground.com

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Maintaining Your Camper's Sealants

One of the most important steps to giving your camper a long lifespan is keeping up with the maintenance of the sealants! Check the sealants on a regular basis! Experts suggest that you should check your camper’s sealants within every ninety (90) day period. When sealants are not taken care of water leaks, will occur. This will lead to extensive water damage; which will be very costly!

            When getting ready to inspect your sealants and roof, make sure that the weather is sunny! You do not what the temperature to be too hot or too cold. The weather and temperature can affect the way the sealant dries.
            When climbing on top of the camper’s roof, make sure it can support your weight! Once you made sure it’s sturdy, feel for soft spots with your hands. The soft spots are commonly found on corners and around the edges of the roof. Be very careful while doing this; don’t get to close to the edges of the roof! Make note of every soft spot found on the roof.
            Once you are done checking the roof, continue inspecting the rest of the camper; such as: roof vents, vent caps, antennas, satellite dish, roof racks, ladders, sky lights, and the perimeter of the roof. If any cracks are noticed, TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY! If the crack is left go, extensive water damage will be done to your camper. 

Picking a Sealant:
            When a crack is spotted, determine what type of sealant you will need! Never mix two (2) different brands of sealant together! Two different brands of sealants never seal together, and this can cause leakage as if you never put sealant on the crack that was discovered. If you are not sure what type of sealant was used, remove all sealant and replace with a new brand. Never use a silicone sealant on any type of roof! Silicone should be used on the inside of the camper only!

Rubber Roofs – Rubber Roof Sealant; such as Dicor (sold at Susquehanna Valley RV)
Metal Roofs - Self Leveling Sealant; such as Kool Seal (sold at Susquehanna Valley RV)
Fiberglass Roofs – Fiberglass Sealant; such as Dicor (sold at Susquehanna Valley RV)

Taking Action:
            Thoroughly clean the affected areas of your camper. Make sure those areas are completely dry before starting the resealing. Before starting the resealing process, make sure the weather is not too hot or too cold. The weather and temperature will affect the way the sealant dries. The best time is to waiting until the soonest sunny day.
            Lay a thin line over the defect and using a small circular motion with your fingertip. Rub the sealant gently into the crack; make sure there are no air bubbles. Repeat this step. The less sealant the better! Proceed to the next affected area, and repeat this same process.

*If you are uncomfortable doing this process yourself, contact Susquehanna Valley RV to do it for you!

Recap of Process:
1.)   Inspect the roof, roof vents, vent caps, antennas, satellite dish, roof racks, ladders, and sky lights.

2.)   Prepare the surface, insuring that it is dry and clean, before starting the sealant process.

3.)   Seal the surfaces using the appropriate sealer. Never mix two different brands of sealant together!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Identifying Classes of Motor Homes

Many customers have questions about the differences between Class A, Class B, and Class C 
 motor homes. This post will help you understand the sizes and appearance differences among the three classes!

Class A Motor Homes are the largest motorhome out of all of the classes we will be examining. The Class A is shaped like a large coach bus. If you are planning to travel across the country with your family, a Class A is the way to go! The long length and numerous slides is more than enough room for a family to have space their own space, but yet spend time together out on the road. 

Class B Motor Homes are the smallest 
motorhome out of all three classes. The Class B motor homes are shaped like large vans. These are perfect for couples who don't want a lot of room! You can also notice that the Class B motor homes do not have a cab over top of the driver and passenger seats. Many people like this class for that very reason, because they say it is easier to see when driving.

Class C Motor Homes are larger than a Class B and small than a Class A. The Class C is the perfect size for a small family or a couple who likes the room! This unit provides enough space to comfortably move around without the hassle of driving a large unit over the size of 40+ feet! The cab over the driver and passenger seat provides extra room for storage/sleeping space. 

Susquehanna Valley RV does not provide new motor homes, but we do get used motor homes from trades that go fast! If you're looking for a motorhome call the Susquehanna Valley RV (570)374-2267 to see what we have on our lot! Motor homes are a great way to avoid the hassle of the hooking up and unhooking your trailer from your vehicle! Come on over to Susquehanna Valley RV and we'll help you start planning your summer adventures!