Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Green RV'ing - Ways to Make Your RV More Environmentally Friendly

When you go RV'ing it's all about getting back to nature; taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily city or suburban life.  As you imagine where you will go, perhaps you think of snow-capped mountains far off in the distance with clear, unbelievably reflective lakes in the foreground.  Maybe you think of a grassy area, thick with trees.  Whatever your dream getaway entails, your desire remains the same:  You want to get away from noise, crowds, car exhaust, bills, phone calls, etc.  

We're willing to bet that as much as you love RV'ing and the outdoors, you also love finding ways to be as 'green' (environmentally conscious) about your adventures as you can, keeping nature beautiful for future generations.  With a few changes here and there, you can make your RV more environmentally friendly.

Solar Power
Solar power kits and panels
allow RV'ers to harness the power of the sun for heating small amounts of water and for cooking.  They are available in varying sizes and power capacities Price varies accordingly.  In addition, there are adapters that allow campers to use solar power to charge their electronic devices (such as cell phones, laptops and camera batteries in case you can't completely disconnect from civilization).

Changing Lights
Lighting in RV's tends to come from standard halogen bulbs.  You can reduce your electric usage by up to 75% by simply switching to power-saving bulbs or using LED lights.  The bonus with LED lighting is that there is no heat produced, unlike other types of lighting.

Water Conservation
One of the best ways to save water during an RV excursion is to upgrade from a standard shower head to a shower head with an on/off feature.  This allows you to stop the flow of water when soaping up or shampooing, greatly reducing the amount of water used and letting you enjoy a bit longer of a shower!  Another type of shower head, the Airfusion, uses a mixture of air and water to create a mist that allows you to take 20% of your water consumption without giving up your water pressure!

Eco-Friendly Waste Products
Unless you go with a composting toilet (which may be more trouble than it's worth unless you are full-time RV'ers!) you will need to use products to keep waste under control.  One of the products we recommend (and yes, there are others) is Pure Power Waste Digester which is chemical-free, safe to use in all septic systems, and harmless to children and pets.  Pure Power, combined with Softness 2-Ply RV toilet paper (which is made to break down easily) keep your holding tanks in good condition and have a much lower impact on the environment than other products

Using these few tips, you can reduce your effect on the great outdoors and save yourself some money on electricity and propane in the meantime!  Nothing tops being environmentally green while keeping monetary green in your wallet!