Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Christmas Wish List for RV'ers

With Christmas right around the corner, we have five great suggestions for last-minute shoppers with no clue what to buy for their RV'ing friend, co-worker or family member.

RV GPS Navigation System
Specifically designed for RVs, this GPS Navigation System (with Rand McNally lifetime maps) allows you to select the type of unit you are driving/towing and takes into account propane restrictions and even whether or not you prefer to make right-hand or left-hand turns. It can receive Weather-Dynamic weather data, giving you "current and forecasted information for your current location, destination and anywhere along your route". This unit also has a fuel log, allowing you to track your fuel purchases including where you bought it, how many gallons you bought and total cost. It can also organize this information by date or state.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Power inverters convert DC power from a battery to the AC power used for things like appliances, tools, electronics, and lights. Unlike modified sine wave inverters (MSWI), pure sine wave inverters (PSWI) create cleaner, quieter power that is almost the same as the electricity you would get from a utility provider. Tools and electronic devices that are difficult (if not impossible) to power on a MSWI will more than likely work on a PSWI. While PSWIs are a bit more costly than MSWI, you will get better results with it. Both MSWIs and PSWIs are available in multiple power grades (we have highlighted the 2000 watt model on both).

Digital Compass
w/ Temperature & Volt Meter

This item, though small in size, provides several highly useful features in one - a temperature gauge that gives both inside and outside temperatures, a digital compass and a built-in volt meter. It also has a LED indicator that will warn you of any black-ice road conditions.

RV Travel Guide
The Good Sam RV Travel Guide and Campground Directory combines over 16,000 park listings with more than 1,900 Good Sam discount locations and various trip routes with destination recommendations. In addition, this guide provides basic maintenance tips, coupons and a lot more! It is one of the few (if not the only) book that caters specifically to RV'ers.

LED Light Fixture for Small Spaces
Perfect for lighting small spaces (such as closets and cabinets), these light fixtures use LED light which draws less power than conventional halogen lights. They are available in several sizes and are typically low profile for a more sleek, compact design.

There are plenty of other great gift ideas for the avid RV'er, such as patio mats, space-saving collapsible kitchenware, back-up sensors and satellite signal finders. Whatever the item, RV'ers are sure to love an item that enhances their camping experience!