Friday, August 8, 2014

Planning a Safe & Fun RV Road Trip!

Traveling across the rolling hills and spacious plains is a great way to spend time with close friends and family! When planning for a RV road trip, you must be prepared ahead of time, to keep everything organized for a smooth going trip! Below are some tips and advice on how to plan for a fun and safe RV road trip across the land of the free!

1. Do Your Homework! Find a map and plan out the routes you want to take on your road trip. By doing this, you are less likely to get lost along your way. Once you decide what your destination will be and the route you will take, make a schedule of days and times you will arrive to certain places.

2. Go Online! Traveling can be costly! Get on your computer and go to websites of the RV Parks, Restaurants, Attractions,  and other places you desire to go and search for coupons! By doing this you can save your hard earned pennies, while still enjoying your trip! 

3. Find Helpful Apps! Cell phones are almost a necessity in today's society! App stores are also a great way to save money! Apps such as 'Gas Buddy' show you the cheapest gas prices in your surrounding area! You can also find coupons on certain restaurant Apps as well! Just a couple minutes could save you some moo-la

4. Current Maps! G.P.S. There's no better map out there! The latest G.P.S. maps can tell you where there is road construction, detours, and accidents! What better way to avoid traffic jams! Unfortunately, technology isn't always reliable, so make sure you have a back up Road Atlas in your RV! 

5. Road Side Assistance! Whenever traveling a far distance with an RV, make sure you have a Road Side Assistance that is able to help you in a time of need! Weather, flat tires, engine trouble, an accident, or a robbery can cause a huge problem for your vacation! Below are some suggestion of companies that would be useful for road side assistance!
  • American Automobile Association
  • On-Star
  • Triple A
  • Family Motor Coach Association
6. Check Lists! On any trip you always want to make a packing check list! Some of the most important things you need in an emergency, are the ones you might forget! Making a list will save you time and confusion! Some things that you should write on your list that you might forgot are:
  • First Aide Kit
  • Cell Phone Charger
  • Season Appropriate Clothes
  • Extra Foot Wear
  • Road Map
  • Travel Appropriate Toys for Children 
7. Maintenance! Before going on any trip with your RV, make sure it is properly maintenance! The last thing you would want is to be stranded along side of the road, because of engine troubles! Always be sure that your RV is inspected, the tries are good for traveling, the roof is properly sealed, and other aspects of the RV are in condition for traveling! If you are uncertain about the maintenance of your RV, please contact your local RV dealership, such as Susquehanna Valley RV!