Thursday, October 31, 2013

Winterize Your RV Before It's Too Late

Winter is only six weeks away.  That means it is time to start getting ready to fight the ice, snow and freezing temperatures; to dig out the snow blower, stock up on salt for your walkway and take the sweaters and coats out of storage. 

What many people overlook is the task of winterizing their RV.  While winterization may seem unimportant, the old adage holds true: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

During the winter, as temperatures drop to (or below) freezing, any fluid left in your RV lines and pipes can freeze and thaw repeatedly, leading to their stretching or even breaking open.  Come the spring, when you're ready to set out for your first camping trip, you may find your excursion delayed by time-consuming and costly repairs.

Here at Susquehanna Valley RV, we don't just sell campers - we care about making sure our customers are able to enjoy theirs year-round.  We have knowledgeable service technicians on hand to winterize your RV for you.  Our service and parts representatives can also answer any questions you might have about winterizing your RV yourself, from what tools you'll need to the best products to use.

Let us help you get your RV ready for winter - and keep it ready for spring!  Contact us to schedule your winterization appointment today!